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Markit names 2014's best-timed shorts
18 December 2014 | London
The best-timed short sales of 2014 within 2000 of the largest European companies at the start of the year have been revealed on a new list by Markit... readmore

Pirum reaches RQV automation milestone
18 December 2014 | London
Pirum Systems Tri-party RQV Automation service, live with both JP Morgan and BNY Mellon, has reached a significant milestone with processed RQVs reaching over $130 billion daily... readmore

TABB Group finds equity prime brokerage in transition
17 December 2014 | New York
TABB Group has claimed that prime brokerage is in the midst of a large-scale change, according to its latest report, Equity Prime Brokerage: Exploring Uncharted Territory... readmore

Eurepo index coming to an end
17 December 2014 | Brussels
The Eurepo index will be published for the last time on 31 December due to concerns over its usefulness... readmore

SunGard's hottest stocks
16 December 2014 | Global
SunGard’s Astec Analytics has compiled the hottest stocks from around the globe for the week beginning 15 December 2014... readmore

OFR: more securities lending and repo data required
16 December 2014 | Washington DC
The US securities lending and repo markets are becoming more transparent, but data continues to be collected in an inconsistent manner and much is not publicly available, according to the US Treasury’s Office of Financial Research... readmore

BCBS issues NSFR consultation
15 December 2014 | Basel
The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has issued for consultation the NSFR disclosure standards, following the publication of the NSFR standard in October 2014... readmore

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Prime brokers and the regulation rollercoaster
11 November 2014
Prime brokerage is changing in reaction to onerous regulatory requirements. Ben Cole of Lombard Capital Markets reports readmore

Assessing the options
04 November 2014
Beneficial owners must be flexible in their approach to collateral, says Simon Lee of eSecLending readmore

The EMIR compliance game
04 November 2014
The dice have been rolled and it's your turn. time for Emily Cates of Rule Financial t oexplain the rules of the game readmore

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28 October 2014
The Central Bank of Ireland wants to restrict collateral diversification relaxation, but the International Securities Lending Association disagrees readmore

30 September 2014
Brazil’s market is growing despite many being wary of its CCP model readmore

Italy, Spain and Portugal
02 September 2014
How have Italy, Spain and Portugal rebounded since the financial crisis? readmore

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Jerry Friedhoff
25 November 2014
Broadridge is making strides in collateral management, as Jerry Friedhoff reveals readmore

Olly Smith
Pierre Khemdoudi
11 November 2014
Short selling disclosures and more have been added to Markit’s securities finance offering, as Olly Smith and Pierre Khemdoudi explain readmore

Down to the balance sheet
BNY Mellon
4 November 2014
BNY Mellon’s James Slater reveals how securities finance is reacting to regulatory change, and what to expect in the coming months readmore

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