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IMN: CCPs gain speed
27 January 2015 | San Francisco
Some of beneficial owners’ biggest questions about CCPs for securities lending are yet to be answered, but there are proven benefits that they should take note of right now... readmore

IMN: Volcker reprieve
27 January 2015 | San Francisco
Users of ’40 Act private funds as cash collateral reinvestment vehicles have been given a regulatory reprieve with the delay in the effective date of the Volcker Rule... readmore

IMN: the more things change
27 January 2015 | San Francisco
There has been a significant shift towards the acceptance of new types of collateral in repo, according to a panel at the Beneficial Owners’ International Securities Lending and Collateral Management Conference... readmore

Clearstream offers JGB triparty trading solution
27 January 2015 | Frankfurt
Clearstream has collaborated with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) to develop a collateral management service for their mutual customers... readmore

Pre-events in Europe: what next?
27 January 2015 | Europe
DealReporter analyst Adnan Siddique gives his comments on the latest pre-events in Europe... readmore

SunGard’s hottest stocks
27 January 2015 | Global
SunGard’s Astec Analytics has compiled the hottest stocks from around the globe for the week beginning 19 January 2015... readmore

Smart products on the rise, says Markit
27 January 2015 | London
One of the standout product categories featured at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was smart/connected home products which promise consumers the ability to remotely monitor and control their home through web enabled tools, readmore

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Time is of the essence
13 January 2015
The brains behind the Lombard-Genpact collateral management deal explain the many benefits of speedy processing readmore

The new world beyond the call
13 January 2015
Proper collateral management processes and systems are critical to the success of all stakeholders, says Armando Hernandez of Lombard Risk readmore

Indemnity will survive
13 January 2015
Indemnification comes under the spotlight as securities lending awaits the next challenge. Experts discuss the issues readmore

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Nordic recap
09 December 2013
Nordic securities lending participants are among the biggest advocates of the business. Experts review the region’s 2014 readmore

28 October 2014
The Central Bank of Ireland wants to restrict collateral diversification relaxation, but the International Securities Lending Association disagrees readmore

30 September 2014
Brazil’s market is growing despite many being wary of its CCP model readmore

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Stephen Casner
13 January 2014
Solutions exist that can help hedge funds to acclimatise to the new regulatory environment without distracting from their core functions, says Stephen Casner of HazelTree readmore

Robert Crossen
Illinois State Treasurer’s Office
13 January 2015
Robert Crossen, cash management officer at the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office, outlines what will preoccupy beneficial owners in 2015 and what the future holds for indemnification, ahead of IMN’s international securities lending and collateral management conference in San Francisco readmore

Joseph Pellegrini
31 December 2014
OCC’s Joseph Pellegrini reflects on 2014, and reveals what the central counterparty is looking to bring to market in the future readmore

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