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Broadridge has new president
20 August 2014 | New York
Broadridge Financial Solutions has appointed Christopher Perry as president of global sales, marketing and client solutions... readmore

SunGard's hottest stocks
20 August 2014 | Global
The hottest stocks from around the globe for the week beginning 18 August 2014 have been compiled by SunGard’s Astec Analytics... readmore

BoA Merrill Lynch loses Champion
20 August 2014 | Hong Kong
Eric Champion has left his role as equity finance director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, sources have confirmed... readmore

London calling Confisio
19 August 2014 | London
A new London office has opened up for regulatory and operational solutions firm, Confisio... readmore

Wells Fargo settles class action for $62.5 million
19 August 2014 | Michigan
The US District Court, District of Minnesota has granted final approval of a $62.5 million settlement in a class action against Wells Fargo Bank on behalf of participants in the bank’s securities lending programme... readmore

All clear given by NSD’s supervisory board
18 August 2014 | Moscow
The National Settlement Depository’s (NSD) clearing rules have been approved in a meeting of the supervisory board... readmore

New managing director for Cantor Fitzgerald Canada
18 August 2014 | New York and Toronto
Cantor Fitzgerald Canada has expanded its investment banking group with the appointment of David Tomljenovic as managing director... readmore

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The wild, wild east
05 August 2014
The securities borrowing and lending markets in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region have undergone steady growth. Where has that growth come from and, more importantly, will it continue, asks Richard Allin of SunGard’s Astec Analytics readmore

Hedge lines
22 July 2014
How will hedge funds react to the changing collateral landscape? readmore

…and now for the good news
08 July 2014
Karl Loomes, market analyst for Astec Analytics, SunGard’s capital markets business explains the potential benefits of regulatory and market changes in securities lending readmore

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22 July 2014
Switzerland holds a high status in the banking world, but recent trends suggest that the securities lending market may not be in the best of health readmore

08 July 2014
Is India emerging or emerged? Minimal modifications to the country’s framework and trading data suggest the former readmore

24 June 2014
Rudolf Siebel, managing director at the German Investment Funds Association, reveals what his members think of securities lending, and much more readmore

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Ben Cole
Lombard Capital Markets
05 August 2014
In an increasingly overpopulated market, Lombard Capital Markets is striving to build its client base by doing things a little differently, as Ben Cole reveals readmore

Darren Crowther
4sight Financial Software
08 July 2014
With many of the post-crisis regulations now coming into force, Darren Crowther of 4sight Financial software gives his overview of the fast-growing market readmore

Jean-Paul Musicco
Trading Apps
24 June 2014
Hedge funds should aim for a single repository of all active financing transactions to make sound financing decisions and illustrate complete control, says Jean-Paul Musicco of Trading Apps readmore

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