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Raccat launches securities finance dealership platform
25 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
BNP Paribas’s David Raccat has decided to go it alone with the launch of Wematch.SecuritiesFinancing, a web-based tool aiming at disrupting the dealing process of securities financing markets
Northern Trust expands UAE operations
24 May 2017 | Abu Dhabi | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
Northern Trust has opened a new branch office in Abu Dhabi, as part of a continuing focus on business in the UAE
R3 raises record funds for DLT development
24 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
The R3 group has raised $107 million in two tranches of fundraising, securing the largest ever investment in distributed ledger technology to date
Faber joins Actualize Consulting as collateral chief
24 May 2017 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
EquiLend hires Hollyoake for post-trade team
23 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Lacklustre T2S take up drives volume drop-off
23 May 2017 | Frankfurt | Reporter: Drew Nicol
IHS Markit signs Day for SFTR team
22 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Exclusive: Justin Thiron joins Pirum Systems
22 May 2017 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
LGPS board releases transparency code for managers
22 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
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Canadian securities regulator expands T+2 proposals
19 May 2017 | Toronto | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Chile to launch securities lending blockchain
18 May 2017 | Santiago | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Deutsche Bank recruits Maurice Leo
17 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
SS&C wins expanded Acadian mandate
17 May 2017 | Connecticut | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Prime brokers failing to retain hedge funds
17 May 2017 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
BrokerTec and MTS expands RepoFunds Rate suite
16 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Canadian pension fund win streak continues
15 May 2017 | Toronto | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Global political turmoil driving bond trading
15 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Citi joins Axoni’s financing round for DLT
12 May 2017 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Lendable value at all time high
12 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Shadow banking on the up, says FSB
11 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
3M’s pension fund under scrutiny
10 May 2017 | Washington DC | Reporter: Drew Nicol
OCC secures Morgan Stanley’s Bodnar for OIC Roundtable
10 May 2017 | Chicago | Reporter: Drew Nicol
trueEX sues IHS Markit for anti-competition
10 May 2017 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Northern Trust and Donnelley tackle admin
09 May 2017 | Chicago | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Dodd-Frank replacement clears first hurdle
08 May 2017 | Washington DC | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
SIX expands equity repo baskets list
08 May 2017 | Zürich | Reporter: Drew Nicol
BNY Mellon gains new head of collateral
08 May 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Hong Kong short sellers fined
08 May 2017 | Hong Kong | Reporter: Drew Nicol
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David Martocci, global head of agency lending at Citi, lifts the lid on the TAO securities lending platform, and why it’s such a formidable tool for its traders
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Efficient collateral management can be an untapped well of significant savings in a number of areas, according to Phil Morgan of Pirum
It should be clear that standing still is not an option, as Ross Bowman, who works in securities finance business development at BNP Paribas Securities Services, explains
BNY Mellon explains how peer-to-peer trading is transforming securities finance
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The latest country profiles from Securities Lending Times
Being an exciting emerging market is all well and good, but how long can that status really apply before interest wanes? India is doing its best not to find out
Hugh Leonard, director of repo sales at Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, explains how the Australian market has excelled in recent years
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Securities lending is in a strong place in Australia. Dane Fannin, head of capital markets in the Asia Pacific at Northern Trust, explains the available opportunities
Federico Ortega Gilly of Mexico’s Nacional Financiera explains why his country’s securities lending market is ripe for foreign investment
Russia’s National Settlement Depository has had a busy year making its securities finance market more robust and attractive to outside investors. The CSD’s Alina Akchurina explains the innovations being implemented
South Africa’s securities lending industry is on the verge of embracing a modern T+3 settlement cycle that could boost the country’s market
Experts on Canada’s securities lending industry discuss the market’s qualities compared to others, finding it to be a strong source of HQLAs
A difficult end to 2015 has not deterred securities borrowers and lenders in Asia, where certain markets enjoyed significant growth and offered new opportunities
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November 2017
The newly emerging FinTech solutions along with the implementation of this year's non-cleared margin rules and the aftermath of the changes are among the most important talking points within Collateral Management for this year.
June 2017
The International Securities Lending Association is delighted to announce that its 26th Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference will take place in Berlin....
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Join us at the 11th Annual Collateral Management Forum to stay up to date on all the latest issues and developments in the industry.