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GMEX to provide IRS CMF on Eurex
07 July 2015 | Frankfurt
As of 7 August 2015, Global Markets Exchange Group (GMEX) will provide a Euro-denominated Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Constant Maturity Future (CMF) for trading and clearing on Eurex... readmore

Wobbly June for Eurex Repo
03 June 2015 | Frankfurt
Eurex Repo reported an average outstanding volume of €183.2 billion across all markets for June 2015, a drop from €222.5 billion in June 2014... readmore

Record-breaking June for OneChicago
02 July 2015 | Chicago
OneChicago’s June 2015 volume stood at 1.7 million, a 35 percent increase year-over-year and a new record for monthly volume... readmore

SunGard's hottest stocks
02 July 2015 | Global
SunGard’s Astec Analytics has compiled the hottest stocks from around the globe for the week beginning 22 June 2015... readmore

OCC cleared contracts down from 2014
01 July 2015 | Chicago
OCC’s cleared contract volume in May reached 308.6 million contracts, a 3 percent decrease from the May 2014 volume of 319.7 million contracts... readmore

Greece is the word: Lyxor not concerned
30 June 2015 | London
The risk of instability in Greece is limited for the hedge funds on the Lyxor platform as few of them hold direct net exposures to Greek assets... readmore

Synthetic financing transactions on the rise
29 June 2015 | Edinburgh
A survey of 56 market participants carried out by swaps technology provider 4sight and consultancy The Field Effect has revealed that 32 percent of participants are currently booking synthetic financing transactions... readmore

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Fire hazard
30 June 2015
There is still work to be done to reform the triparty repo market in the US readmore

BNY Mellon: the leaders unite
16 June 2015
BNY Mellon’s global leadership team for securities lending discusses reorganisations, markets, business and the future readmore

The choice is yours
16 June 2015
There are three strategies at play in securities finance right now. Tom Dibble of SunGard’s Apex Securities Finance finds out which one will stay the course readmore

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16 June 2015
Experts discuss the European markets and what to expect from regulators readmore

19 May 2015
Lacking liquidity? Canada is here to help. Securities lending experts discuss how readmore

05 May 2015
The UK’s securities lending landscape seems to be holding steady, but with the country’s EU membership under scrutiny, is there danger ahead? readmore

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Mark Schilling
30 June 2015
Pirum’s new global head of sales, Mark Schilling, explains his move to the technology firm and what’s in store this year and next readmore

Chris Chanod
PrimeOne Solutions
16 June 2015
Chris Chanod of PrimeOne Solutions explains why synthetic products are increasingly attractive to the buy side, and how to standardise the asset class readmore

Alessandra Castelli
16 June 2015
Dealreporter’s Alessandra Castelli gives an overview of how qualitative data can improve securities lending models, for the benefit of everyone readmore

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