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ESMA: the tip of the shorting iceberg
30 October 2014 | London
The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has a total of 442 disclosed short positions under the rule (EU) 236/2012 that exceed the 0.5 percent threshold, as of 25 September... readmore

SunGard's hottest stocks
30 October 2014 | Global
The hottest stocks from around the globe for the week beginning 27 October 2014 have been compiled by SunGard’s Astec Analytics... readmore

Solid week for software firms
29 October 2014 | London
Software firms have seen significant demand to borrow in the run up to Q3 earnings results, according to research from Markit... readmore

Q2 seasonality affects State Street’s revenue
28 October 2014 | Boston
State Street’s securities finance revenue took a hit during Q3 2014, but was still up on the same quarter in 2013... readmore

BNY Mellon appoints new chief risk officer
24 October 2014 | New York
BNY Mellon has appointed James Wiener as its new chief risk officer and executive vice president, effective from 24 November 2014... readmore

Northern Trust sec lending revenue sees slight dip
23 October 2014 | Chicago
Northern Trust’s securities lending revenue decreased 3 percent in Q3 2014, from $22.7 million in Q3 2013 to $22 million... readmore

Florida pension fund manager considers partners
22 October 2014 | Tallahassee
Multiple banks are competing to provide the State Board of Administration of Florida with prime and collateral management services, it has been revealed... readmore

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T+2: the time has come
30 September 2014
Chris Smith and Camille McKelvey of Trax look towards 6 October and how markets will react to the new settlement cycle readmore

Much to do about grumblings
30 September 2014
Tim Smith of SunGard’s Astec Analytics suggests that there is more the industry can do to educate the masses about securities lending and short selling readmore

Time to decide
30 September 2014
The European Beneficial Owners’ Securities Lending Conference in London saw attendees learn the latest about the FTT, transparency and indemnification readmore

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30 September 2014
Brazil’s market is growing despite many being wary of its CCP model readmore

Italy, Spain and Portugal
02 September 2014
How have Italy, Spain and Portugal rebounded since the financial crisis? readmore

22 July 2014
Switzerland holds a high status in the banking world, but recent trends suggest that the securities lending market may not be in the best of health readmore

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Robert Chiuch
John Templeton
30 September 2014
BNY Mellon’s Robert Chiuch, global head of securities finance, and John Templeton, Americas head of financial institutions, share their views on the changing world of securities finance readmore

Todd Berlent
30 September 2014
Todd Berlent of Helix explains that while a big bank in your corner may open a lot of doors, a good product is why they stay open readmore

Andrew Clayton
Northern Trust
30 September 2014
Northern Trust’s Andrew Clayton reveals what agent lenders need to do to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated clients readmore

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