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Brazil CCP sees sec lending boom
27 November 2015 | São Paulo
Brazil’s BM&FBovespa reported a 48.2 percent jump in securities lending volumes for Q3 2015 compared to Q3 last year... readmore

Asian short sellers surge to three-year high
26 November 2015 | Beijing
Recent volatility in Asian markets is driving massive growth in demand for securities lending, according to the latest Markit research... readmore

Hedge fund diversity grows
25 November 2015 | London
The virtue of hedge fund diversification has been highlighted in a new report by the Alternative Investment Management Associations and the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association... readmore

SunGard’s hottest stocks
25 November 2015 | London
SunGard’s Astec Analytics has compiled its list of the most desirable stocks for securities lending for the week beginning 16 November... readmore

Taiwan reforms lending and collateral rules
24 November 2015 | Taipei
The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSWE) has amended its operating rules to make more financial products available for lending... readmore

Hedge funds’ sec lending trends for November revealed
23 November | Frankfurt
Deutsche Bank has published its analysis of hedge funds’ securities lending trends for October... readmore

Kyobo Securities signs up to SunGard
20 November 2015 | Seoul
South Korean securities firm Kyobo Securities has chosen SunGard’s connectivity and market data solutions to help boost its global trading reach... readmore

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The silo is dead, all hail pooling!
06 October 2015
Fleming Europe’s Annual Collateral Management Conference saw a variety of industry figures come together to debate the best way to manage and leverage collateral in an increasingly strict regulatory environment readmore

It’s quiet—almost too quiet
20 October 2015
The regulatory overhaul of securities lending and the possible role of central counterparties dominated this year’s RMA conference in Miami readmore

The art of the US domestic easy-to-borrow list
06 October 2015
The official easy-to-borrow list for your firm isn’t the list you begin the day with but the list as it stands at day’s end, says Rob Sammons of Anetics readmore

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06 October 2015
Brazil is Latin America’s biggest market, but some agent lenders are still seeing its central counterparty model as a barrier to further growth readmore

14 July 2015
As Greek and EU ministers continue to debate the country’s third bailout, financial market participants are reacting to the uncertainty, including short sellers readmore

16 June 2015
Experts discuss the European markets and what to expect from regulators readmore

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Matthias Graulich
Eurex Clearing
17 November 2015
Matthias Graulich of Eurex Clearing dispels some of the common myths around the CCP model and explains why he believes it’s the future readmore

Scott Olson
Risk Management Association
03 November 2015
Scott Olson of the Risk Management Association explains the Securities and Exchange Commission’s reporting modernisation initiative readmore

Matthew Bernard
06 October 2015
Matthew Bernard, partner and co-founder of ENSO, explains what the company can do for hedge funds and prime brokers, now and in the future readmore

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