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Eventful October, says Deutsche Bank
26 November 2014 | London
October was an eventful month for European equities, and securities lending was no exception, according to research from Deutsche Bank... readmore

SunGard's hottest stocks
26 November 2014 | Global
SunGard’s Astec Analytics has compiled the hottest stocks from around the globe for the week beginning 22 November 2014... readmore

SGSS expands African presence
25 November 2014 | Paris
SGSS has extended its South African custody hub to Mauritius by becoming the first remote participant to receive approval from the Mauritius Financial Services Commission to provide comprehensive custody services in the country... readmore

Markit's most shorted
25 November 2014 | London
A number of packaged foods companies are amongst Markit’s most shorted in North America, as well as the biotech, solar and semiconductor sectors, ahead of earnings announcements... readmore

European secondary markets a concern, says ICMA
25 November 2014 | Zurich
Concerns are growing that secondary markets for European bonds have become critically impaired and are no longer able to function effectively, according to a study from ICMA... readmore

InteDelta expands network with Asia-Pacific partnership
24 November 2014 | Singapore
InteDelta has paired up with Singapore-based collateral, clearing and post-trade consultancy Deriv Asia to bring its collateral management services to the Asia-Pacific financial market... readmore

Pension funds hungry for investment risk
21 November 2014 | Boston
Pension funds will see an increase in appetite for investment risk over the next three years, according to a report by State Street... readmore

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Assessing the options
04 November 2014
Beneficial owners must be flexible in their approach to collateral, says Simon Lee of eSecLending readmore

The EMIR compliance game
04 November 2014
The dice have been rolled and it's your turn. time for Emily Cates of Rule Financial t oexplain the rules of the game readmore

Regulation’s tightening hold
04 November 2014
Counterparty risk management is critically enhanced through the effective sourcing and use of collateral as part of an architecture supporting multiple requirements, says Ted Leveroni of DTCC readmore

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28 October 2014
The Central Bank of Ireland wants to restrict collateral diversification relaxation, but the International Securities Lending Association disagrees readmore

30 September 2014
Brazil’s market is growing despite many being wary of its CCP model readmore

Italy, Spain and Portugal
02 September 2014
How have Italy, Spain and Portugal rebounded since the financial crisis? readmore

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Down to the balance sheet
BNY Mellon
4 November 2014
BNY Mellon’s James Slater reveals how securities finance is reacting to regulatory change, and what to expect in the coming months readmore

Markus Büttner
14 October 2014
Markus Büttner, CEO of software and consulting firm Comyno, discusses the current state of the securities finance industry and why the marketplace may face an uphill battle to remain efficient and liquid readmore

Robert Chiuch
John Templeton
30 September 2014
BNY Mellon’s Robert Chiuch, global head of securities finance, and John Templeton, Americas head of financial institutions, share their views on the changing world of securities finance readmore

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