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Taiwan introduces short selling ban amid market turmoil
28 August 2015 | Taipei
The Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission has moved to ban short selling as Asian markets continue to experience volatility... readmore

Taiwanese tech companies look shaky
27 August 2015 | London
The turmoil in Asian financial markets has prompted short sellers to target Taiwan’s technology companies, according to Markit Securities Finance... readmore

Asian repo relies on standard best practices
25 August 2015 | Hong Kong
An efficient Asian repo market could help to develop infrastructure and benefit the economy, but it is being held back by inconsistencies between countries, according to a report by ASIFMA and ICMA... readmore

D’Eramo joins RBC Investor & Treasury Services
24 August 2015 | Toronto
RBC Investor & Treasury Services has appointed Don D’Eramo as head of distribution and product development for securities finance within treasury and market services activity... readmore

SS&C sees increases in August
21 August 2015 | Windsor, Connecticut
SS&C GlobeOp’s Forward Redemption Indicator shows that notifications recovered somewhat, increasing from July’s 2.08 percent dip to reach a figure of 3.46 percent in August... readmore

SGX consults on affiliate segregation
20 August 2015 | Singapore
Singapore Exchange has proposed the introduction of affiliate segregation, a system designed to protect the collateral of an SGX Derivatives Clearing member’s affiliates in the case of a default... readmore

Health care hedge investment on the up
20 August 2015 | New York
Hedge funds are moving towards health care stocks and away from the technology sector, according to the S&P Capital IQ quarterly hedge fund tracker... readmore

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Get outta town
25 August 2015
It’s been a long, lonely winter for ETFs as collateral, but Markit’s newest initiative means many are shaking off their dowdy feathers and emerging as swans readmore

Positively growing
11 August 2015
What kind of a picture is publically available data painting? readmore

Collateral optimisation: is it a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes?
28 July 2015
Buy-side firms do not want to hear about optimisation when being sold a collateral management solution, says Charlotte Griffiths of CloudMargin readmore

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14 July 2015
As Greek and EU ministers continue to debate the country’s third bailout, financial market participants are reacting to the uncertainty, including short sellers readmore

16 June 2015
Experts discuss the European markets and what to expect from regulators readmore

19 May 2015
Lacking liquidity? Canada is here to help. Securities lending experts discuss how readmore

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John Arnesen
BNP Paribas
28 July 2015
John Arnesen of BNP Paribas Securities Services provides an update on the bank’s agency lending business in the US, revealing a big update from beneficial owners readmore

Guillaume Boland
14 July 2015
There are still too many manual processes in collateral management, but the rate of innovation is picking up, says Guillaume Boland of SWIFT readmore

Mark Schilling
30 June 2015
Pirum’s new global head of sales, Mark Schilling, explains his move to the technology firm and what’s in store this year and next readmore

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