Repo news

Hazeltree boosts liquidity network
18 April 2017 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Buy-side treasury management solutions provider Hazeltree has added Federated Investors to its network to provide liquidity services for funds with excess cash
Clearstream tackles German debt with link to LCH’s RepoClear
13 April 2017 | Luxembourg | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
The move follows LCH’s extension of its RepoClear service to cash and repo trades on German government securities last month
BIS committee recommends ‘targeted and temporary’ tweaks
13 April 2017 | Basel | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
The global financial system committee, which was chaired by Sir Jon Cunliffe of the Bank of England, examined the functioning of the repo market in light of recent monetary policy
India plans introduction of triparty repo
12 April 2017 | Mumbai | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
EU repo clears first Q1 hurdle, barely
07 April 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Malaysia mulls short selling expansion
29 March 2017 | Kuala Lumpur | Reporter: Drew Nicol
OFR: CCP offers route to cheaper repo
10 March 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Digital Asset and DTCC complete proof-of-concept for US repo netting DLT
28 February 2017 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Northern Trust warns of repo timebomb
23 January 2017 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
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ICMA: ECB sec lending must expand
11 January 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Russia’s NSD to launch new repo collateral service
22 December 2016 | Moscow | Reporter: Drew Nicol
US Federal Reserve commits to rate hike
15 December 2016 | Washington DC | Reporter: Drew Nicol
ICAP reports strong November EU repo
06 December 2016 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
ECB to review securities lending and bond purchases
24 November 2016 | Frankfurt | Reporter: Drew Nicol
REIT to increase sec lending pool
21 November 2016 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
NY Fed may publish three repo rates
07 November 2016 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
OFR: commits to repo data collection
01 November 2016 | Michigan | Reporter: Drew Nicol
BNP Paribas plans repo clearing expansion
25 October 2016 | Paris | Reporter: Drew Nicol
MMFs un-phased by broker-dealers’ repo retreat
13 October 2016 | New York | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
EU and China’s central bank extend swaps deal
27 September 2016 | Brussels | Reporter: Drew Nicol
CCB and SIX secure renminbi repo deal
27 September 2016 | Zurich | Reporter: Drew Nicol
ICAP and MTS add Spanish repo index
26 September 2016 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Philippines 'plans' repo reforms
16 August 2016 | Manila | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Wedbush picks HelixRepo for fixed income
05 August 2016 | New York | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Eurex Repo continues summer slowdown
03 August 2016 | Frankfurt | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
SIFMA: US debt dominates triparty repo
25 July 2016 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Eurex Repo’s lower growth continues into June
06 July 2016 | Frankfurt | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Greek bonds rejoin collateral pool
04 July 2016 | Athens | Reporter: Drew Nicol
BoE extends emergency repo service
30 June 2016 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
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