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Pirum Systems is the market leader in real-time automation & connectivity services to the securities finance industry, providing unparalleled connectivity with counterparties, CCPs, trade and collateral venues. Pirum Systems is ready to assist you in connecting.

Pirum provides a secure processing hub which seamlessly links market particpants together, allowing them to electronically reconcile and process stock lending and repo transactions. Our clients benefit from increased processing efficiency, greater STP, reduced operational risk and improved profitability.

We deliver highly innovative and flexible services which are tailored to fully support the industry's complexities and evolving business processes. With our extensive existing client base and our renowned service quality, we are invariably seen as the users' service provider of choice.

Pirum's Services include:
Tri Party Connectivity
Exposure Calculation & Reconciliation
CCP Gateway
Real-Time Contract Compare
Billing Reconciliation
Billing Delivery
Income Claims Processing
Real-time Mark Automation
Automated Returns
Automated Loan Release
SFTR Reporting

Additional contacts

Rajen Sheth
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +44 20 7220 0963
Email: rajen.sheth@pirum.com

Ben Challice
Chief Operations Officer
Tel: +44 20 7220 0964
Email: ben.challice@pirum.com
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Pirum’s Phil Morgan reviews the year just gone and casts an eye to the future
More efficient collateral allocations and better informed trading decisions are possible by improving visibility and understanding costs, says Pirum’s Robert Frost
The financial technology providers dedicated to securities finance must come together to better service clients, according to Pirum’s Ben Challice
With the help of Pirum, collateral and exposure management are fast becoming straight-through, exception-based processes, says James Cherry
Efficient collateral management can be an untapped well of significant savings in a number of areas, according to Phil Morgan of Pirum
Pirum’s Philip Morgan looks at the biggest events of 2016 and how they will affect securities finance in 2017
Pirum Interview archive
Securities Lending Times
Philip Morgan, head of business development at Pirum Systems, tells Drew Nicol how the US market is handling the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation
Phil Morgan and Justin Thiron, Pirum’s first onshore US representative, discuss the technology company’s vision for expanding in North America
Pirum’s new global head of sales, Mark Schilling, explains his move to the technology firm and what’s in store this year and next
Jonathan Lombardo provides an update on Pirum’s work with Eurex and SunGard
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SLT talks to Jonathan Lombardo of Pirum about the company’s latest offerings
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Pirum’s chief executive talks to SLT about the development of a new service between Pirum and Eurex Clearing that he says could be the key to unlocking the benefits of CCPs
Pirum News archive
Securities Lending Times
Pirum and Stonewain collaborate on near real-time services
11 December 2017 | London | Reporter: Zsuzsa Szabo
Pirum has completed an upgrade of the standard interfaces to and from Stonewain’s Spire securities finance platform, enabling “near real-time services” for mutual clients
Pirum gains Crowther for client innovation
06 October 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Crowther will be responsible for business development and will be active in Pirum’s equity finance, liquidity management and prime brokerage businesses
Pirum joins South African securities lending association
21 September 2017 | Johannesburg | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Pirum Systems has joined the South African Securities Lending Association
Pirum’s Ben Challice heads to J.P. Morgan
07 September 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Pirum Systems COO Ben Challice is heading to J.P. Morgan to take charge of the bank’s collateral management and agency lending businesses in a newly created role
Brazilian exchange smoothes post-trade systems with Pirum
06 September 2017 | São Paulo | Reporter: Drew Nicol
The new file standardisation process will enable Pirum to significantly expand its Brazilian trade reconciliations
IHS Markit nabs Bedford-Forde for EMEA sales
14 August 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Bedford-Forde will focus on IHS Markit’s data and analytics products within its equities division, as well as working on the data provider’s joint venture with Pirum on SFTR
Pirum and wematch.securitiesfinancing to collaborate on post trade
20 June 2017 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Pirum Systems and wematch.securitiesfinancing have launched a collaboration focusing on securities finance trading and post-trade
Exclusive: Justin Thiron joins Pirum Systems
22 May 2017 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Pirum Systems have snagged EquiLend’s Justin Thiron for its first onshore presence in North America
Cherry takes on SFTR role at Pirum
10 April 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Clearstream’s James Cherry has moved to Pirum Systems to focus on its SFTR and CCP products
IHS Markit and Pirum partner for SFTR reporting
07 February 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Pirum Systems has partnered with IHS Markit to build a Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) reporting solution by the end of 2017...
Pirum links up with ColleX
25 January 2017 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Pirum Systems has linked its real-time straight-through processing services for the securities finance industry to ColleX, a platform for collateral trading...
EXCLUSIVE: Pirum secures Faulkner as director
17 January 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Post-trade services provider Pirum Systems has appointed Data Explorers founder Mark Faulkner to its board as a non-executive director...
Euroclear adds Pirum's sec lending to triparty
16 November 2016 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Euroclear has opened up its triparty platform to Pirum’s securities lending toolkit...
Elixium imbues post-trade connectivity with Pirum
14 November 2016 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Recently launched trading platform Elixium and Pirum Systems are collaborating to provide post-trade connectivity to their clients...
Nomura’s Philip Morgan set to join Pirum
10 October 2016 | London | Reporter: Stephanie Palmer
Pirum has appointed Philip Morgan as global head of business development, responsible for increasing the firm’s client based for current and future products...
EXCLUSIVE: Bergson joins Pirum
02 September 2016 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Pirum Systems has brought on Morgan Stanley’s Harold Bergson as a technical lead to develop its enhanced product set...
Exclusive: Challice heads to Pirum
26 May 2016 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Pirum Systems is set to take on Ben Challice as chief operating officer, giving him responsibility for the company’s strategic product and market development...
Keane heads to Pirum
18 May 2016 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Pirum Systems has taken on Robert Keane as product manager from BMO Global Asset Management...
Pirum revamps CCP Gateway with corporate actions
18 May 2016 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Post-trade services provider Pirum has enhanced its CCP Gateway service with access to the voluntary corporate action messaging system of Eurex Clearing's Lending Central Counterparty securities lending service...
Pirum and Euroclear link up at triparty
13 April 2016 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Euroclear has enhanced its triparty securities lending service with the addition of a connection to Pirum’s collateral management tool...
Pirum automates loan release process
01 March 2016 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Pirum has completed work on its new Loan Release functionality, allowing lending clients to fully automate the release process for their new loan instructions...
4sight and Pirum build upon partnership
17 December 2015 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Technology providers 4sight and Pirum have created a new interface between their securities lending platforms...
Pirum hires new client specialist
20 October 2015 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Pirum has snapped up David Sanderson as its newest business and client support specialist.
Pirum enhances pre-matching service
19 June 2015 | London | Reporter: Stephen Durham
Pirum has enhanced its Real-Time Pending pre-matching service to enable users to identify issues minutes after the loan or return is booked, leading to reduced fails and improved settlement times...
Mark Schilling heads to Pirum
26 May 2015 | London | Reporter: Becky Butcher
Pirum Systems has named Mark Schilling as its new global head of sales...
Private equity firms acquire stake in Pirum
05 February 2015 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Five Arrows Principal Investments and Camwell Management have agreed to acquire an interest in post-trade provider Pirum Systems for an undisclosed sum...
Lombardo heads to Eurex
06 January 2014 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Eurex Clearing has recruited Jonathan Lombardo from Pirum Systems. Lombardo will join its clearing sales and relations team in February...
Pirum reaches RQV automation milestone
18 December 2014 | London | Reporter: Stephen Durham
Pirum Systems Tri-party RQV Automation service, live with both JP Morgan and BNY Mellon, has reached a significant milestone with processed RQVs reaching over $130 billion daily...
Pirum and Markit do data deal
15 September 2014 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Pirum has teamed up with Markit to enhance the transparency of information contained in the data provider’s securities finance data set...
Pirum to feed data to SunGard
13 May 2014 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
SunGard and Pirum have joined forces to allow mutual clients to deliver their data straight to Astec Analytics via Pirum technology.
Pirum links up with BNY Mellon to improve trade efficiency
05 April 2013 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Securities Lending default image
BNY Mellon’s global collateral services business has upgraded its AccessEdge collateral management portal with a newly-established link to Pirum’s new triparty required value (RQV) processing service...
Eurex to launch securities lending CCP service
05 November 2012 | London | Reporter: Jenna Jones
Securities Lending default image
Eurex Clearing will launch Europe’s first central counterparty (CCP) service for the bilateral securities lending market, in partnership with Pirum Systems and Clearstream Banking...
Pirum provides real-time triparty RQV automation
17 September 2012 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Securities Lending default image
Pirum has deployed the final component of its new triparty required value (RQV) service, which it has developed in partnership with J.P. Morgan...
Pirum expands London team
06 June 2012 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Securities Lending default image
Pirum Systems has strengthened its London team with the appointment of Tony Holland as business development manager. He moves to Pirum from Russell Investments...
Pirum automates RQV processing
04 May 2012 | London | Reporter: Georgina Lavers
Securities Lending default image
Pirum will start phase 1 of its new Triparty Required Value processing service (RQV). This new functionality offers a single solution covering the calculation, agreement, and processing of daily RQVs...
Eurex partners with Pirum for sec lending CCP service
23 April 2012 | Frankfurt | Reporter: Ben Wilkie
Securities Lending default image
Eurex Clearing, and Pirum Systems have entered into a Connectivity Agreement to facilitate access to Eurex Clearing’s upcoming CCP service for securities lending...
EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan Lombardo resurfaces at Pirum
17 January 2012 | London | Reporter: Anna Reitman
Securities Lending default image
Pirum Systems have strengthened their London team with the appointment of Jonathan Lombardo as head of sales...
Pirum releases new reporting for SEC rule 17a-13
06 June 2011 | London | Reporter: Ben Wilkie
Securities Lending default image
Securities lending technology company Pirum has released new reporting to facilitate compliance with SEC rule 17A-13, which requires borrowers to regularly confirm their on-loan positions with their lenders.
Chris Byrom joins Pirum Systems
07 September 2010 | London | Reporter: Justin Lawson
Securities Lending default image
Chris Byrom has today joined Pirum Systems Ltd as client service manager
Noschese leaves Deutsche Bank for Pirum
06 July 2010 | London | Reporter:
Securities Lending default image
Tonia Noschese has this week joined Pirum Systems Ltd as business development manager