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Transcend Street Solutions provides next generation collateral and liquidity management technology solutions for fast changing capital markets industry. Transcend team has decades of hands-on experience in some of the top tier wall street banks, in the areas of capital markets, trading, funding, prime brokerage, clearing and operations.

Transcend team boasts a long and successful track record of developing and delivering enterprise-wide strategies and solutions for solving complex business challenges. Team Transcend brings you CoSMOS; an innovative approach and technology that allows you to embrace the challenges of Collateral and Liquidity management with a modular, agile and scalable technology platform.

About CoSMOS:
The Future of Collateral & Liquidity Management
CoSMOS gives you a highly effective means of collating, harmonizing, mining, analysing and executing on all dimensions of Collateral information across your enterprise, without the need for expensive systems replacements. Key features & modules are:

Agreements Insight - Innovative way to harmonize and analyze collateral terms embedded in various legal agreements.
Real-time Inventory Management - Real-time view of inventory and settlement ladders with projected and actual values across the enterprise.
Collateral Optimisation - Flexible algorithms and workflows to optimally allocate and execute collateral placement across business areas.
Liquidity Analytics - Sophisticated analytics of business metrics and sources and uses of collateral from firm and client perspectives. Transfer Pricing to allocate income and expense down to the most atomic level.
Margin dashboard - Aggregated margin calls and collateral balances across business areas and clients for enhanced transparency.
Regulatory - Address increasing regulatory complexities through integrated data and analytics tuned for SR 14-1 and other rules. Sophisticated stress test module for forecasting liquidity and collateral impacts.
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