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Repo and Securities Lending are the engine of the financial markets. However regulatory initiatives, designed to improve the robustness of the of the financial markets, have made many transactions economically unviable. This has led to the normal liquidity channels for collateral markets becoming impaired.

Where does Elixium fit into all this?

Elixium is global All-to-All electronic trading venue, designed to provide a transparent and unbiased market place for trading collateral. It seeks to address the growing issues around liquidity which have been affected by on-going market evolution.
• Regulated as an MTF
• Diverse range of participants including corporate treasurers, CCPs, asset managers,
hedge funds, banks, government issuers, central banks, insurers, and agencies
• Designed to address the impact of regulation, balance sheet pressures and
deteriorating levels of liquidity in these markets
• An efficient conduit to raise/invest cash/collateral on a secured basis to manage
margin and cash-flow
• Uses standardised products (collateral baskets with a range of maturities and
currencies), standardised processes and documentation
• Settlement- bilateral, triparty or CCP
• Auction, CLOB, RFQ, IOI protocols
• Collateral upgrade/downgrade
Elixium Features archive
Securities Lending Times
Roberto Verrillo of Elixium explores the harsh landscape of liquidity management following the arrival of post-financial crisis regulation
Elixium News archive
Securities Lending Times
Elixium secures FINRA approval
09 November 2017 | New York | Reporter: Drew Nicol
The US arm of Elixium Group has become the first electronic all-to-all repo platform to receive FINRA approval
Lombard Risk and Elixium have teamed up to improve repo trading and collateral management capabilities
Elixium reveals Central Limit Order Book
17 July 2017 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
All-to-all secured financing and collateral marketplace Elixium has unveiled its Central Limit Order Book for all counterparties
EXCLUSIVE: Unlocking collateral key to curbing shortage, says Elixium
28 November 2016 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Greater diversification of counterparties in the repo market can halt the decline in liquidity, according to Roberto Verrillo of trading platform Elixium...
Elixium imbues post-trade connectivity with Pirum
14 November 2016 | London | Reporter: Drew Nicol
Recently launched trading platform Elixium and Pirum Systems are collaborating to provide post-trade connectivity to their clients...
Elixium goes live
11 October 2016 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Elixium, the new all-to-all electronic collateral and secured deposit marketplace, has executed its first transaction...
Stephen Malekian takes up role at Elixium
28 July 2016 | London | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Stephen Malekian has joined Elixium as head of US business development...